Sunday, September 6, 2009

On quilts and quilting...

There are many quilters in my family.  In fact we have generations of them on all sides.  My mother is from Germany and she studied as a master tailor there.  Sewing is in our blood.  I started quilting with my late mother in law.   I went with her every week to visit and quilt at a local nursing home.  We quilted with some very experienced quilting ladies, some over 100 years old!   We helped to quilt charity quilts for that nursing home for years until she passed away.  I always took my two smallest childen with me when we went.  Their grandma was so proud to show them off.  Those little old ladies used to squabble over who would get to rock those babies while we quilted.  I was so fortunate to have so many "grandmas" to hold and love my babies so that I could just sit and sew a while.  Those ladies, especially my mother in law Anne, taught me so much and encouraged me in so many ways.  Since then I have made several quilts and have many more in the works.  I even have one that I have been working on for 10 years, it will probably never be finished, you see, it is a family quilt.  Every birthday, anniversary, holiday, death, and special family memory are embroidered or sewn on that quilt.  I hope my future grandchildren will all have their birthdays on it one day.  Here is a sampling of some of my quilts.
Josh's Cowboy quilt:  fringe, denim, bandanas and conchos
Joseph's Dinosaur quilt: bright colors and dinosaurs
Nanny's quilt: mosaic floral heart
Ashley's quilt: bright fun colors...I think she's under there somewhere :)
I will post more of my quilts as I finish them.  I hope you enjoyed them.


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