Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello and Welcome to Mountain Meadows Kitchen Window

Have you ever thought about moving to the country/mountains to retire? Do you enjoy learning new things the old way? Have you ever considered a back-to-nature eco-friendly lifestyle? My husband and I are on what we call "the 10 year plan". What that means to us is: In 10 years we hope to be moved away from the city and living in a rural mountain area, hopefully we will be doing God's work and helping do what we can for people and animals in our new community. Our hopes are that we can live a self sustaining lifestyle and get back to nature. I will be spending as much time as possible during the next ten years learning to do new things in the old ways. Some things I am working on are: perfecting my soapmaking, sewing, quilting, learning to can foods, learning the basics of cheesemaking, learning to make recycled paper, learning as much as I can about gardening organically, brushing up on my animal husbandry skills, researching about butchering our own meats, learning the art of foraging and much, much more. My husband is a woodworker and carpenter by trade. He has been working on the plans for our house and a barn, and collecting ideas for years. We hope to use lots of recycled elements in building our mountain home, as well as incorporating eco-friendly new materials and solar panels.

These are some of the things I will expand on in this blog. I will post recipes and tips for all the things I am learning along the way, as well as Godly devotions, inspirational topics and beautiful photos. Hopefully you will learn too. I hope this blog will become your window/portal to inspire you to achieve your dreams as well.


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